Why NYC Is A Better Place To Work On Your Startup Than SF

Of course I couldn’t write my last post, Why SF Is A Better Place To Work On Your Startup Than NYC, without complementing it with this one. NYC is such a great place for startups right now, and for totally different reasons than SF. So here’s my list as to why NYC is a better place than SF for your startup.

Again, these are all based on my own personal experience. Not a scientific survey.

1. You can have a dozen offices around town, each 3 blocks from each other, in the form of your favorite wifi cafes (my faves = Vbar 1 and Vbar 2).
2. Walking 3 blocks to a meeting and stopping off at a food truck on the way is always nice, and can be part of your everyday routine in NYC.
3. Everybody knows everybody. Or everybody knows somebody who knows somebody. (Warning: that can have its downside too, if you’re not careful)
4. If your startup gets big, you may get a visit from the mayor himself, who has a plan to make NYC the Leading Digital City.
5. You can run into Clay Shirky at your local farmers market on Sunday morning.
6. You can go to a single event and see a fair chunk of the whole startup community at once.
7. You can find yourself in a meeting with such diverse people as the heads of DOITT (dressed in suits), Dennis Crowley (dressed in a t-shirt and shorts), Noel Hidalgo (introducing himself as Noneck), Ben Berkowitz and Andrew Rasiej all sitting around the same table.
8. You’re in NYC for christ’s sake. Lunch meetings on the benches in Union Square while the masses walk by! How could it get any better than that?

Looking at the NYC startup scene from out in SF, I see a scene that is incredibly dense, incredibly energetic, and incredibly determined to make its mark on the world. The scene isn’t as big as SF’s, but everybody is living on top of each other, everyone is in each others’ face (literally, in a good way), and everyone is full of energy (they should be, they’re all on their 3rd double cappuccino and it’s only 11 am).

So who wins? Answer: the people who manage to work in both cities. Look for a post on that from me somewhere down the line…

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3 Responses to Why NYC Is A Better Place To Work On Your Startup Than SF

  1. Hey, waiting for the Paris (and Moscow) issue ! Do you need material or a desk for a couple of days ?

  2. johngeraci says:

    That would be terrific – would allow me to continue my reporting on the local entrepreneurial scenes around the world. And after that… Sao Paulo perhaps?

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