VIsitors To This Blog in January – The Breakdown

I have to confess: I’m a total Google Analytics geek. If I didn’t have more backbone, I’d probably spend my entire week looking at all of the stats there, then looking at them all over again. And given that it’s the end of January, roughly a month since I started posting here regularly, I thought I’d do a little breakdown on the analytics for January for readers.

So far in Jan, we’ve had 1,067 visitors. Not a huge number by anyone’s measure, but not bad for the first month, esp given that I’m only posting on average 2x a week.

The most popular posts so far, in order of popularity, have been:

1. VanTrash in Vancouver: Bootstrapping the Local Web For Real

2. A Barrier to Use For Civic Apps, And How to Overcome It

3. The First Rule In My Next Startup…

4. Microtransportation is the Future of Getting Around Cities

5. The Other Kind of Entrepreneur

Popularity of these posts is totally governed by Twitter at this point – the ones that get retweeted get page views, the ones that don’t don’t get seen by many people, period. That first post was most popular because Tim O’Reilly tweeted it, which caused an avalanche of retweets to happen. Same is true for each of those other posts to lesser and lesser degrees, and with smaller and smaller avalanches in each case. Given that, you can bet that I’m spending time with each post thinking about how best to title it, etc, in order to get it retweeted.

(On a side note: I got an email out of the blue from the Office of Stephen Wolfram this week telling me about a blog post of his and why I might find it interesting. He seems to have taken the art of getting people to retweet him to an entirely different level. If only I had that kind of budget……..)

Anyway, back to the show:

Inbound traffic:

– 70% came from Twitter

– 7% came from Google

– 4% came from Ycombinator (a few posts made their way into Hacker News in Jan)

The other 19% came from emails, Facebook, and other blogs.

You can see how Twitter is really driving this blog right now, no?

And where do these people come from? That’s the fun part – the part I could spend all day looking at.

Most came from the U.S. of course. And within the U.S., most came from NY, with California coming in second. Second after the U.S. was Canada, then UK, then the Netherlands, then Australia, then France. What I love though is the long tail of readers here. Someone came to the blog from Ukraine. Someone came from Bejing, someone from Kuwait City, someone from Kathmandu. That always seems so cool to me – the idea that somebody somewhere in Nepal or Kuwait is reading what you write.

Lastly, Service Providers is sometimes a fun thing to look at (though not as much fun here as with DIYcity, which is full of visits from city governments around the world, defense dept, etc etc). Some of the interesting Service Providers from January include:

ibm almaden research center

apple inc.

city of toronto

city of vancouver

google inc.

opera software

environment canada

british broadcasting corporation

lots of universities, such as university of alaska, harvard university, university at albany,

…and countless random names like “london residential static”, which I love – must be the city guy in me, I just picture some random street in London, with someone connecting to my site. So cool, wish I could meet that person.

And that sums it up for the month of January.

Hopefully that gives those of you reading out there a little picture of who the others reading alongside you are.

And hopefully those numbers and the reach will go up-up-up over the next couple of months…

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4 Responses to VIsitors To This Blog in January – The Breakdown

  1. Shagun Singh says:

    You’ll get a whole lot of Indian readers if you come out for our panel :) On that note, this might be interesting for you to look at –

  2. johngeraci says:

    Yes, Giveaminute was done by friends of mine at LocalProjects (on behalf of CEOs for Cities). Love it.

    Will be at your panel – hope to meet some of these future Indian readers you talk about…

  3. Kasia Lynch says:

    Thanks for the post. I am in Kuwait and may be the second one who reached you from here :). Got an alert on google – “kuwait blogs”. I like what you write, good luck and keep it up!

  4. Kyle says:

    Reached your website through Google. You know I am subscribing to your feed.